Where can I get goat milk in Bangalore?

Basta is farm-to-table origination and we provide the finest natural goat milk and milk products to your kitchen every day all over Bangalore.

Basta milk is 100% clean, green, and ethically produced hormone-free, antibiotic-free, unadulterated milk from happy and healthy Beetal goats.

We also grow our own organic green fodder and use hydroponics to provide nutrient-rich diets to our goats.

Our vision is to bring India’s ancient wisdom of goat milk benefits to modern-day contemporary lifestyles. Traditionally, Indian village households would have a few goats and their milk was consumed by babies to build strong immunity in childhood. Ayurveda has documented the benefits of goat milk for convalescence and it’s a key ingredient in many medicines. At the same time, to cater to the globetrotting Indian pallet, we want to bring artisanal goat milk products to India as an organized & modern enterprise. Our recipes and quality of Feta and Chèvre cheese is better than many imported kinds of cheese! We would like to thank the Chefs who helped us achieve this tangy goat cheese which can add zing to almost any dish!

Basta Expertise and Experience

Around six years of practical experience in goat rearing and dairy farming activities. 

Practically performing the activities in own land (Mandya district, Mallavalli Taluku, Gajnuru Village ).


BASTA, products are distributed in our own registered brand “BASTA”. The word Basta is derived from Sanskrit, meaning ‘goat”.

Specialties in Basta Goat milk products

No chemical usage in the feeding of goats.

No artificial insemination for goat breeding, only natural form of breeding activity involved.

Thorough research was performed in keeping the good health of goats in any season of the year.

Farmstead artisanal cheesemaking was first set up in India in goat milk farmstead cheese.
A daily supply of fresh milk is converted into by-products.

Basta Products ranges

Fresh Goat milk

Greek Yogurts

Goat Chevre cheese

Goat Feta cheese

Goat Ghee

Goat Butter

How to Buy

Visit: basta.co.in

Call on : +91 6364740404 / +91 8971110775

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