Goat milk interesting facts supported with history

How goat milk evidently happened?

Goats are one of the earliest domestic animals. As they were only initially considered for good food source, they are good for the milk they provide. From the Neolithic (about 9000 years ago) to the 21st Century we are in, the dairy has seen changes like any other industry. From using pottery vessels to high tech mechanism, it has only seen improvement and better versions of itself.

The inventions of the dairy products from milk were seen as a revolution for this industry. Goat milk being a perishable good, it had by products that had a shelf life longer than milk itself. For example, cheese, if stored in the right manner can be used over a longer period. There are also, many different types of cheese.

Traditional use of Goat milk has its variants, like adding turmeric to a warm glass of milk helps heal stress, exertion, and wounds in some cases. The list goes on about it. It is a traditional health supplement, used in countless number of ways along with it by products.

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Lactose, how it travels in body.

The main component of goat milk – Lactose which is a natural sugar (glucose and galactose). It is the process of fermentation that takes place in milk or a by product of milk that ferments lactose. Further uses of Lactose are not only in the dairy industry but also in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Lactose is one of the energy components in milk like Iron (Fe), helping bones to absorb calcium.

For an infant the need of iron for the body is fulfilled from the mother’s breast milk. Some also say that Iron is Breast Milk. As it is a necessary component for a body to grow into its full potential and health, iron is present in the blood and is important to make haemoglobin. However, the questions are, what happens when an infant stops breast feeding. How will the blood receive sufficient supply of iron? The answer is Iron-Fermented Milk.
The iron deficiency in infants and adolescents is a matter of concern worldwide, as milk in general a healthy dairy product for the body (different for allergic and lactose intolerant people). The fermented milk will only enhance the absorption of the iron element and act as a stimulus for haemoglobin to carry oxygen to different parts of the body with the help of RBCs.

Goat Milk is that one dairy product that has the most usage, can be converted to curd, paneer/tofu, ghee, yogurt, whey etc. We have all read and understood the benefits goat milk has, making kids love milk using tactics and tasteful supplements to go along with it. Goat Milk has the nutrients body needs, proteins it craves, provides health and strength to the bones.





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