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Basta Goat Milk 500 ML

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Energy – 86.08 Kcalc
Protein – 4.25g
FAT Total – 3.56g
Carbohydrate – 2.51g
Added Sugar – 0g
Iron – 6.00 ppm

Shelf life – 3 days from packing.
Net Wt – 500 ml

Temp sensitivity (0C To 4C)

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  1. Ranganath M

    Good place to buy Goat milk in Bangalore.

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More about Basta Goat Milk

Extracted from the real goodness of nature, Basta wants to provide pure & organic goat milk in Bangalore for the welfare of your body. We have 100% natural milk that can be considered close to the perfect food without any additives. You can call it a solid source of protein along with all the essential amino acids. For those who don’t know, goat milk is considered close to the mother’s milk due to its natural power. There is no heavy content found in the cow’s milk to ensure anyone can easily digest it.

It is 100% fresh and natural goat milk available in many different types of packaging. Our expert and professional team packaged them with proper care in a highly sterilized bottle to ensure purity. We provide temperature-controlled delivery across the various parts of Bangalore. It is action-packed with uncountable nutrients and minerals that can be very useful for healthy living. Goat milk is a highly recommended product by doctors in plenty of diseases, including dengue due to its ability to increase platelets count. So, buy goat milk online from Basta and give a healthy lifestyle to your family.

Nutrient name Proportion Daily value
Total fat 3.56g 6%
Saturated fat 2.7g 13%
Monosaturated fat 1.1g  
Total carbs 2.51g 1%
Sugar 0  
Protein 4.25g 7%
Cholesterol 11 mg 3%
Sodium 50mg 2%
Potassium 204g 5%

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Did you know? According to recent study reports, it is proved that Goat Milk is healthier than the Regular Cow’s Milk. Goat Milk has a lot of health benefits like improving digestion, improving immunity etc.. 

If you are searching for Goat Milk in Bangalore, Do contact us. We have well established Organic Goat farm which produces hygiene Goat Milks.

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How to Buy Goat Milk In Bangalore from Basta?
It is simple, You can fillup the details in the above form or call us on the numbers mentioned and tell us your requirements. We will get Goat Milk Delivered at your doorstep at reasonable rates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a high amount of phosphorus in goat milk?

When compared with cow milk, the amount of phosphorus is definitely higher in goat milk. It has 271 mg phosphorus in a single serving that is 27% of the daily value in an average person. It can’t be considered higher at all because of only 25% fulfillment of the daily intake.

Is goat milk easy to digest?

Yes, it is pretty easy to digest due to the number of ingredients present. It has a low amount of lactose that makes easy for individuals to digest without upsetting their stomach. So, the people allergic to lactose can think about adding it in their diet.

Is it costly to buy goat milk?

The goat milk price in Bangalore depends on the platform you choose to shop. At Baste, we have tried to keep it affordable for the buyers.

Is goat milk healthy for kidney patients?

There are myths circulated by people that it is harmful for people with stage 4 CKD to drink goat milk. However, the reality is completely different as none of the scientific evidence supports this statement. Still, the people with kidney problem should consult with their physician before adding any dairy products. Doctors strongly recommend limiting dairy products in their diet.

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You can buy Basta Goat Milk Products in Bangalore by Calling us 6364740404.