Why is goat milk so healthy for your gut?

Goat milk contains prebiotics, which helps feed probiotics in the gut.

“Prebiotics are special types of fibers that fuel probiotics (the microorganisms),” says Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RD, LD/N, and nutrition consultant for RSP Nutrition. “They are found in certain foods and additives. Probiotics (in the microbiome) are implicated in various health conditions/situations like weight, immunity, sleep, and mood, so ensuring they are adequately nourished is very important.”

Prebiotics are not found in cow’s milk but may help digest lactose, making it easier on the gut to digest.

“Unlike cow’s milk, goat’s milk contains a prebiotic called oligosaccharides,” says Lemond. “Prebiotics form probiotics, and probiotics have been known to assist with lactose digestion. And it is possible that the presence of prebiotics in goat’s milk may help with (overall) digestion.”

But the prebiotics aren’t the only things that make goat’s milk easier on the gut.

“There is some evidence that goat’s milk may be lower in A1 protein, which U.S. cows typically have a lot of (which many people do not tolerate well), so that may be preferable,” says Auslander Moreno.

If you are truly lactose intolerant though, you may still want to avoid goat’s milk.

“Many say that they tolerate goat’s milk better than cow’s milk. However, goat’s milk only has one less gram of lactose than cow’s milk,”

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