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Natural Products

We have adopted successful proven methods of daily milking. Fresh Goat milk produced in our very own Farm is transformed to healthy and delicious Milk products like Cheese, Yogurt& Ghee in ahygienic and safe environment under the supervision of product experts.

Quality and methodologies of product preparation, packing, storing and distribution is wellsupervised by our dedicated team. Scientific understanding of product making combined with the best available ingredients and most talented product makers, result in our products that are unforgettable.

Modern farm
100% Organic
No Pesticides
Natural Feed


About Milk Farm

Vistara Farms

At Basta, we bring the finest natural goat milk and milk products to your kitchen every day. Basta milk is 100% clean, green and ethically produced from happy and healthy Beetal goats.

Our vision is to bring India’s ancient wisdom of goat milk benefits to modern day contemporary lifestyle. Traditionally, Indian village households would have a few goats and their milk was consumed by babies to build strong immunity in childhood. Ayurveda have documented benefits of goat milk for convalescence and it’s a key ingredient in many medicines. At the same time, to cater to the globetrotting Indian’s pallet, we want to bring artisanal goat milk products to India as an organized & modern enterprise. Our recipes and quality of Feta and Chèvre cheese is better than many imported cheeses! We would like to thank the Chefs who helped us achieve these tangy goat cheese which can add zing to almost any dish!

100% clean

"Farm To Table"


What Our Customers Are Talking about

At Basta, we bring the finest natural goat milk and milk products to your kitchen every day. Basta milk is 100% clean, green and ethically produced from happy and healthy Beetal goats.

We Provide High
Quality Goat Milk And Milk By Products

Excellent quality, easily on a par with international cheese. The yogurt is really creamy and tasty. Highly recommend!

Kavita Alva


We are supprised that delivery of fresh goat milk nowadays, so gladly support that delivery partner in crisis time .That help to build immunity to my child and she like to have other dairy products of Basta.

Usha V


Very good quality.Timely delivery. Very happy with the products! My kid enjoys the plain yogurt as a dip with vegetables like carrot, cucumber, celery and broccoli

Sandra Fernandes


Great products. The quality of the curd and cheese is simply superb. I live on cheese and curd used buy branded cheese and curd of the best quality from a departmental shop but after consuming this i can feel the difference the curd and cheese are very very satisfying compared to the branded ones. Especially for children I recommend the cheese and milk.

Yusuf Gaffoor


My family and I have tried all the Basta products and each one of them is fantastic. We are now regular customers of yogurt and cheese. The quality has always been consistent and matches international standards if not better. Thank you and hope you continue to stay consistent!

Sapna Alva Tariyal


It is the best yogurt I have had in India, my son is having it since he was 6 months and he loves it so much. Highly recommended to everyone. I also buy the feta cheese and I like it better than regular variety in stores.Their delivery service is perfect too.

Sara Calderoni


Very good quality and very helpful cordial team.Always helping with timely deliveries. My 10 year son has been having goat milk from 1.5 years and my baby loves the yoghurt.

Vini Thambi


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