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Here you will find a wide range of healthy and fresh dairy products that were proudly produced at our farm by our healthy goats.

What you can expect in our Goat milk! It will be smooth and creamy milk that is 100% pure and get digested completely. All the products available at our platform are completely safe from impurities and beneficial for your body.

Goat Milk products that you can trust for the health of your family! It is essential that you serve the right food to them.


Our Farm

All the goats are left free to graze in our farmlands.

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Meet Our Goats

The goats are fed with organically grown plants.

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Our Organic Food

All our organic food is available under the brand “Basta”

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What's Fresh

From Our Family to Yours

We grow the plants organically to feed the goats so that our products remain chemical free. All the facilities are in-house right from feeds to preparing the milk products like cheese, yogurt etc.

About Us


Basta was founded with the major objective of developing products from Goat milk and unleash the various benefits and make effective use of dietary properties available in the Goat milk. One our aim is to promote the usage of Goat milk and creating awareness about the various benefits available in the usage of Goat milk and allied products. 

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What can you expect from our products?

Not even a single person will prefer to compromise with the health of their family when it comes to trusting products they eat or drink. At Basta, our team has worked very hard for making it a trustworthy organization. It is important for buyers to shop for products from a platform where you can find high-quality products.

Goat milk is the perfect foundation of our products so you can expect purity from our end. In 2016, our dairy farm made a decision to deliver top-grade goat milk products to other’s home, and that’s why we opt for having a dairy license. Since then, there is no back down and we are continuously expanding our business.

Basta Goat Milk Products in Bangalore

Fresh N Natural Basta Goat Milk

Our goat milk is rich in nutrients and flavor so that kids never say no it. Drinking a glass of goat milk will not only boost the body growth but also protect it from tons of impurities.

Natural Goat Chevre Cheese

Eating this ancient food from Basta will be simply a treat to eat. Made from fresh white goat cheese, the Chevre is very low in fat and cholesterol so anyone can eat it.

Fresh N Natural Goat Yogurt

Eat this fresh goat yogurt having live active cultures and completely natural flavors. This thick and creamy yogurt can be used in a variety of tasty recipes.

Fresh N Natural Goat Feta

Feta is a fresh cheese that manufactured at our hygienic farm. It provides a tangy and salty flavor to your tongue. It can be a great salad topper and used in a great variety of dishes.

Why you can expect pure quality Goat products from Basta?

How can you check the purity of the quality of dairy products? If you believe that the taste is the only parameter, then there is a requirement for changing your mind. As per international standards, the quality greatly depends on the cleanliness of the area and machinery where the products are created. On top of that, the way the farm owner keeps their animals is also an important consideration that shouldn’t be missed. As a buyer of our products, we believe it is your right to know about the manufacturing process and hygiene level of our animals.

Goat Farm Inspections

The foremost thing about our goats and barns is they are inspected consistently. In the inspection process, the complete health check-up is performed followed by cleaning the bar. Our inspection team looks for everything that can affect the health of our goats negatively. That’s not all; there is a special preparation done at the farm during the kidding season for finding any problem that shows an underlying health issue.

Goat Milk Area Inspection

The majority of farms only took the health of their animals seriously and didn’t care much about the milking parlor. The reason behind that the animals are very costly and they don’t wish to look at them. However, we can’t compromise in any manner at Basta because we care for both our animals and customer’s health equally. So, we have employed a special team that stays at the milking parlor for inspecting the milk. It is the place where milk comes out from the goat and moved for the further process.

Cleaning Area

Basta Goat Milk Bangalore directly goes into the large tank when it comes out from the goat. It is where the milk cooled down and cleaned from dirt and stains using modern machinery. All the impurities that can make unhealthy are removed here.

Facility Area

It is the last facility where the milk is packaged for delivery to the customer. Additionally, products like yogurt and cheese are made here by followed top-grade and consistent scrutiny. From this, we mean double-checking for any molds or drains in the products. We want to ensure that things delivered to the customer in the purest form.


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Where to Buy

You can buy Basta Goat Milk Products in Bangalore by Calling us 9113842349.