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Vistara Farms

Who we are……

A Indian organization formed in 2016, specialized with practical experience & Exposure of over four years in Goat rearing, breeding, milking, dairy farming activities (in the area of producing

Farm stead Goat milk products under our own brand BASTA”.

 Vistara Farms, situated in Mandya District, malavalli taluk Karnataka focused in breeding and milking from Indian goats (Beetal) with scientific approach on the foundation grounds of traditional grazing and modern stall feeding technology.

100% clean

Farm To Table

What we do…..

Blending Tradition, Science and Passion


We practice sustainable farming and treat our animals with utmost care. We have done a

Intensive practical research on the best methods of breeding and feeding on the modern, as wellas traditional food plan and grazing methods for our goats which gives them a good health and strength naturally which in turn reduces the mortality rate and increasing the quality of milk produced in the Goat farm.

We are one the best examples in the current times for blending tradition with modern techniques for successful Goat breeding.


Milk Products:

 We have adopted successful proven methods of daily milking. Fresh Goat milk produced in our very own Farm is transformed to healthy and delicious Milk products like Cheese, Yogurt& Ghee in ahygienic and safe environment under the supervision of product experts.

Quality and methodologies of product preparation, packing, storing and distribution is wellsupervised by our dedicated team. Scientific understanding of product making combined with the best available ingredients and most talented product makers, result in our products that are unforgettable.

Our Story


At Basta, we bring the finest natural goat milk and milk products to your kitchen every day. Basta milk is 100% clean, green and ethically produced from happy and healthy Beetal goats.

Our vision is to bring India’s ancient wisdom of goat milk benefits to modern day contemporary lifestyle. Traditionally, Indian village households would have a few goats and their milk was consumed by babies to build strong immunity in childhood. Ayurveda have documented benefits of goat milk for convalescence and it’s a key ingredient in many medicines. At the same time, to cater to the globetrotting Indian’s pallet, we want to bring artisanal goat milk products to India as an organized & modern enterprise. Our recipes and quality of Feta and Chèvre cheese is better than many imported cheeses! We would like to thank the Chefs who helped us achieve these tangy goat cheese which can add zing to almost any dish!

Our aim is to help the local farmers have a sustainable mode of additional income from goat farming. We have setup ideal Goat farm around 1 hr away from Bengaluru city where we train our partner farmers with regards to all best practices about goat farming. We provide them with specifically researched goat feed, medicines, technological know-how, and procure milk from them. We work with the farmers very closely at each step and make sure the hygiene and the nutritive value of milk is maintained througho

BASTA Journey

A group of friends, with an intent to do something socially beneficial as well as economically viable, decided to pursue goat farming.After intensive research and understanding of various goat breeds, started goat dairyfarm by purchasing3.65 hectares of land.

Started with 50 Beetal goats but faced several challenges viz environment, skilled manpower, feeding style, animal health, medication that led to 70% mortality.

Brought down goat mortality to 2%, with continued research and troubleshooting with regards to breeding,handling pregnant goat, kid management, weight gain&milk production.

Mastered the art of cheese making from reputed cheese maker of the industry & came up with a range of products.

Developed our scientifically-built Malavalli farm into a world class facility suitable for 1000+ goats. We also grow our own organic green fodder and use hydroponics to provide nutrient rich diets to our goats.

Kicked off Basta Franchise model by bringing in 3 franchises into the Basta family.

To Good Health & Wonderful Products!